Delete Your Data

Tired of data brokers buying and selling your data? Reclaim your privacy with Delete Your Data. Sign Up Today or email us at to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start?

Sign up with the link above, or e-mail us at, or contact us in the chat below. Once logged in, let us know where you want your data deleted and we will take it from there.

How do you do this?

Our team of lawyers make data deletion requests on your behalf based on your jurisdiction. For instance, if you're in Europe, we will make data deletion requests under the GDPR, if you're in Nevada, we will use the Nevada Privacy Act, or if you're in California, we will draw from the CCPA.

Is my data safe?

We use industry-standard encryption and best software practices to keep your data safe. While we can't guarantee your data is 100% safe (and frankly, no one can), we can guarantee we're doing everything we can.

Can I delete my data from

Of course, our code is open source so you can verify that our use of PostgreSQL cascading foreign keys deletes your data, and our logging code does not log any PII you ever added to our system. The only thing we can't do is continue to delete your data after you delete your account.