Ventures, Trusts, and Litigation

Run a business. Share your wealth. Protect your rights. We are a law firm who excels at helping you with all three.

Why Neon Law?

We employ justice-based tech to deliver efficient, accurate results.

We only represent Good People

We do not represent shady people and have fired clients after discovering they're racist, transphobic, sexist, or otherwise bad people.

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We only represent Good Causes

We do not represent fossil fuel companies, predatory landlords or creditors, or companies that maliciously use your personal data.

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We use technology to make Legal Services

We leverage document automation, natural language processing, and our own open-source software to deliver cost-effective legal services.

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NeonLaw in Action

We have been reimaging legal work for the past 5 years.


of client engagements.

20+ Years

of combined experience among our lawyers.


of clients say they would recommend Neon Law.

Pro Bono

Finally, and most importantly, we are proudest of  our commitment to pro bono work  and wish we could do it full time.  If you require assistance and have attained a  SOLA from either Nevada Legal Services or Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, you may contact to us for a free consultation.

Ready to Get Started

Please reach out if you need help or have any questions. We are happy to help you out with our services with providing legal solutions to make your life better.