Preventative Legal Care

Skip costly legal problems by taking the necessary precautions. We work with our clients to solve an ever increasing number of simple, non-contentious legal matters.

Know Your Rights

Protect yourself with our legal system

You pay taxes but are you exercising all of your beneficial rights? Our simple legal services will protect you and your loved ones with the institutions you already fund.

Delete Your Debt
Prevent filing for a costly bankruptcy by negotiating your credit card and other debt. If bankruptcy is a necessity, our network of attorneys can help you out with clear and transparent pricing.
Delete Your Data
Protect your personal data by requesting it be removed from services you no longer use and places you do not trust. Privacy is a fundamental human right.
Organize Your Organizations
Prevent partner disputes with a fair and equitable stock plan, incorporation, employee handbook, and other procedures.
Assign Your Assets
Prevent probate and best protect your loved ones by creating a trust and relevant power of attorney.

Foundationally Open

We yearn to serve. Our non-profit, the Neon Law Foundation, is on a mission to expand legal education and access to ensure everyone has autonomy to their privacy and legal rights.

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Affordable & Accessible

We contribute to improving access to justice by building an open source law firm with an explicit goal of solving as many legal problems as possible. Yours included.

Decade of Preventative Protection

Making legal mistakes can be costly, work with us and we will do our best to help you avoid them. You have rights, we help you exercise them.

What’s included

  • Unlimited matters from our ever-expanding menu of legal services
  • Access to our network of qualified & vetted attorneys
  • One 30-min chat with a lawyer per year
  • Preventative care against common & costly litigation

10 Years of Advice

$999 USD

Offer limited residents of Nevada or California.

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Terms and Conditions are subject to your retainer. No attorney-client relationship exists without a retainer.