Preventative Legal Care

Maximize your legal rights and live a conflict-free life. Our holistic legal services will cover everything except litigation and contentious matters.

Know Your Rights

Protect yourself

You pay taxes but are you exercising all of your legal rights? Our low-cost legal services will protect you and your loved ones with the institutions you already fund.

Financial Health Monitoring
Monitor your credit score and debt to ensure that no one has opened accounts in your name and that you are aware of all of your financial obligations.
PII Monitoring
Privacy is a fundamental human right. Safeguard your personal information by keeping tabs on where your data resides.
Manage equity, payroll, and many other compliance tasks for a Nevada non-profit, business, or trust.
Protect your loved ones by having a plan in place for what you own when you leave this world.

Foundationally Open

Our non-profit, the Neon Law Foundation, creates open-source legal information based on regulations and de-identified matters and serves the community with pro bono legal services and paid student interships. 30% of our profit goes to the foundation.

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Affordable and Accessible

We have worked with cannabis and tech companies. We improve access to justice with our open source law firm with the explicit goal of solving as many legal problems as possible.

Neon Armor

Our all-in-one subscription is designed to provide you with a robust suite of non-contentious legal services you need at a simple price. Some services require additional add-on pricing per your retainer.

What's included

  • Personal and financial data monitoring for your privacy and financial health
  • Estate creation with editable succession plans for your legacy
  • Coming Soon: Immigration assistance for those seeking to become Americans
  • Personal equity management from Sagebrush backed companies.
  • Five business day or less turnaround on all requests
  • Access to network of pre-vetted attorneys for contentious matters

Onboarding fee of $300 then

$300 per year

Add a spouse or child for $80 a year. Discounts available for low-income persons.

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Offer limited to residents of Nevada or California. Final terms and conditions are subject to your retainer. No attorney-client relationship exists without a retainer.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is on us to provide you a service you're proud of. If you choose to stay with us we will continuously expand our product, monitor the laws and regulations that affect you, and build systems of civic engagement and access to justice that will make our government better for us all.