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Debt Relief

If you are struggling to pay your bills on time, we might be able to help. We can help if we both agree to have us respond to your creditors on your behalf with a Power of Attorney.


When debt relief options are exhausted, you may want to consider a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Contact us to discuss if we feel this is the best option for you.

Estate Planning

An estate is a great way to share assets with your family and plan for the lived of your loved ones after you leave this Earth. We can help you draft a will or estate and administer an estate on your behalf.

Constitutional Rights Litigation

A big reason why our country is great because of the US Constitution. Each individual has rights, and we will do our best to protect yours. If you feel your constitutional rights have been violated, please get in touch.

Small Business

We tak pride in helping small businesses succeed. Our approach is a holistic one, we don't succeed unless you build a profitable, ethical business and we perform many of our services on contingency until you get there.

Cybersecurity and Privacy

If you have been hacked or your data is leaked, our team, well versed in software, can assist with getting you a legal remedy. We also defend against patent trolls and take some of these cases on contingency.

Real Estate

Real estate refers to buying a home for your family, or an office for your business. We can assist you throughout the whole process and connect you with brokers and escrow agents to buy or sell property.

Family Law

Our firm only handles family law matters where everyone is in agreement toward a resolution. We can help you if you are interested in adoption, or if you and your partner mutually agree to part ways, we can draft a joint-decree of divorce.

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