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We use the following, open-source fonts in our web applications and in our writing. This website uses WOFF2 files, which are gzipped in transit by Nginx. We also host TTF versions of these files on this website to accommodate for older browsers and PDFs, which is the standard format we use for legal correspondences.

Headings in Jost

For our headings like the "Headings in Jost" heading above, we use Jost by indestructable type.

Website Copy in HK Grotesk

For our regular text, we use HK Grotesk by Hanken.

Code in Fira Mono

For code blocks, we use Fira Mono, a font produced for and used by Mozilla.

Check out Fira Mono at its repository homepage

Legal Writing in Charis

For court correspondences, including motions, appeals, discovery requests, and adversarial letters such as cease and desist letters, settlement agreements, and contracts, we use Charis developed by SIL International. This is a wonderful font with support for languages around the world.



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