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Setting Up Terraform Cloud

At Neon Law, we use Terraform to declare our infrastructure, which at the time of this writing, mainly resides on Google Cloud Platform. Terraform is a great use-case for software infrastructure management because it is declarative, or in other words, what you write is what you get after apply-ing the Terraform code to one of your providers. We also like how Terraform can be used with multiple providers, such as GCP, but also AWS, Heroku, CloudFlare, and many other great SaaS Providers; by only writing Terraform code, we can leverage and use many other great SaaS providers to provide our clients with cheap, efficient, legal services.

Terraform has great documentation on how to get started and we recommend anyone doing so to implement Terraform in real life, perhaps on their own Google Cloud Platform account where the cost of spinning up nominal servers is affordable.

In addition to writing infrastructure with Terraform, we also leverage Terraform Cloud because it tracks the state of our cloud infrastructure and responds to push events from our GitHub repository, which contains Terraform code for our staging and production Terraform workspaces, and shared modules such as our Google Kubernetes Engine module, which creates a GKE cluster in our favorite region, us-west4, or fabulous Las Vegas.

We are happy to answer any questions about how to set up a GKE cluster such as the one powering this website using Terraform. However, for more detailed consulting, we recommend the services of Top Flight Apps who can turn any software idea into a real executable application.

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