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On Not Buying Computers

The great thing about cloud computing is that you can rent very powerful computers by the second. Additionally, our cloud provider, Google Cloud Platform, has made a commitment to sustainability that is awe-inspiring and caused us to re-examine our own computer use.

Traditionally, we have used "personal computers" or PCs since the 90s. Every few years, the PC specs would improve so much that it became prudent to invest in a new one. Nowadays, what someone can rent in the cloud is so much more powerful than what someone can buy. This has insipred us to think, can we move all of our computing to the cloud? This way, we'll never need a PC that's capable of more than HD videostreaming. In other words, we can replace our computers with something like an AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, or Google Chromecast and then connect to computers (e.g. through the VNC protocol) within our cloud to handle client matters.

Not only is this a more environmentally friendly option to compute, it is also a secure one as well. For the highest security measures, a company can create a Panopticon, where every time an employee logs onto a cloud computing station, every action is tracked. While of course privacy is important, employers should understand that the needs of the business outweigh. And frankly, no one should be looking at porn, or visiting any unapproved website for that matter on company workstations anyway.



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