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Nevada Incorporation

For companies that don't plan on selling public shares, or are years and years from making that decision, we recommend incorporating in our beautiful home state, Nevada. Nevada is a business-friendly environment with low taxes and a great state government to assist you with any questions you may have about incorporation or taxes.

Our firm is a registered PLLC, or a professional limited liability company, which means that we are like any other limited liability company, except that our founders have professional licenses; we are attorneys.

Nevada offers LLC registration, in addition to S Corps, C Corps, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorship registration. To learn about the difference, please check out the Secretary of Nevada's website or you can contact us to see which entity is best for you.

To register, or incorporate your business, you can do so by completing the New Business Checklist located on the Secretary of State's website. Please be prepared to know who will be involved in the entity, who the registered agent is, or the person responsible for responding to official correspondences including potential legal action, and be prepared to pay the appropriate filing fees.

After registering for your business with the Nevada Secretary of State, you will most likely need to then register with the Nevada Department of Taxation, which you can do so online at the Nevada Tax Center. We can help you with any questions you may have with this process and if you choose, we can be the registered agent for your newly form entity.

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