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The Bar Exam is a(n) (un)necessary part of being qualified to be an attorney. We feel that what the bar exam tests, isn't representative of the real practice of law, because a lot of what the bar tests is rote learning based on memorizing a lot of stuff we could easily Google. Additionally, we learn and advocate best while working in a group, and the bar exam creates an artificial experience that somebody is all alone. We support diploma privilege, or giving anyone who graduated from an ABA-accredited law school, automatic membership to the Bar, because the conditions of the bar exam are so far removed from real life.

Nonetheless, we have open-sourced our approach to passing the bar exam, and the following flashcards are how we have practice "rule slapdowns", or writing out rule statements over and over again so that they are ingrained in our muscle memory.

We recommend the following approach to bar-prep.

  1. Read the book Fck the Bar, this has been the most helpful bar-prep advice book. It's half prep-talk, half practical advice, and it's short enough you can get through it one sitting.
  2. Start doing practice problems. In California, the last few years of bar exams are available here. Nothing will supplant or come anywhere close to studying by practicing.
  3. Practice our rule slapdowns via our flashcards app. This was not recommended by the Fck the Bar book, but it's something we find helpful, because we feel that memorizing the rules is the hardest part to bar prep. Our flashcards are more of blocks, because each flashcard contains multiple topics that are commonly tested together. By memorizing and reciting cues as blocks, we have a better chance of "getting points" from the examiners.

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