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Git Flow is a workflow for teams using GitHub to version releases of their software. There are many great reasons why a team should adopt them, especially if your team ships versioned software like Desktop or CLI apps you don't have much visibility into.

However, for us, everything we do is at, or staged at We don't distribute Desktop or CLI apps because we encourage everyone to use our website. As a result, we do everything from one development branch, which you can see in our GitHub repository. We implement Continuous Deployment in a much simpler way than GitFlow.

First, every push to the development branch automatically pushes new code to our staging environment, And second, production is just a commit on development that has been previously deployed to staging. By keeping our production and staging deploys in sync with the linear history of the development branch, we implement "roll forward deployment".

This keeps our development cycles tight so we can ensure our latest software innovations are used by our team to give our clients the best legal representation possible. As a corallarly to our simpler version of GitFlow, we encourage our team to put new features behind feature flags, so new code can still be continuously checked-in.

While this doesn't work for everyone, for us and our use case of keeping up-to-date with our latest innovation, this simple "Git Flow Lite" has worked well.

If you or your team have questions about software compliance, including HIPAA, SOC, GDPR, or FedRAMP compliance, please get in touch with us.

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