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Voting 2020

Here in Oakland, we're very grateful Alemeda County has gone above and beyond ensuring that we receive mail ballots and can vote by mail. Since we believe it is important that our opinions about law and polity are public, here is who we chose to vote for in this election.


For president/VP we chose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The fact our current president has made more than 20,000 false or misleading claims has us thinking that it's time for someone else to have a chance. We also appreciate how Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris prioritize climate change and equal protection under the law, two things that are very important to us.


For congress, we chose Barbara Lee. She's served our community well for a long time, and we are blessed she continues to serve.

State Senator

For CA state senate, we chose Nancy Skinner, who has done a great job in fighting for a sustainable bay area.

State House

For CA state house, we chose Rob Bonta, who has been an equal rights activist for years.

Superior Court Judge

For this position, we chose Elena Condes. The fact that she made explicit that she wants to be a judge to "expand and support alternatives to incarceration" speaks to our heart.

AC Transit, At-Large

We chose Victoria Fierce based on the campaign website. A completely decarbonized bus fleet that came more frequently would be amazing, and encourage substantially less cars on the road.

AC Transit, District 2

We chose Jean Walsh again based on her website. We believe her lifelong experience of being a bus rider could serve our community well.

City of Oakland City Council At-Large

Choice rank voting is far more preferable to the current winner-take-all voting we predominantly have. Here, all three are impressive. We favor the incumbent, Rebecca Kaplan, first, followed by Derreck Johnson, and Nancy Sidebotham.

City of Oakland City Council District 3

For this election, the Oaklandside's excellent journalism provided a great spotlight to the issue. We choose Carroll Fife for her work for Moms4Housing first, followed by the incumbent Lynette Gibson McElhaney.

City of Oakland Attorney

Again, both are great candidates, and we favor the challenger Eli Ferran, for his fresh idea of enforcing the California Environmental Quality Act first, then the incumbent Barbara Parker, second.

School Directory, District 3

And finally, all are great candidates and we are blessed each is running. The Oaklandside had a great piece on the issue, but doesn't give enough for us to choose one over the other. Our choice is for Maximo Santana because of the campaign website.

Question 14

Yes. In general, as more people get automated out of jobs, public funding is either going to give us the best lives ever, or a lack of it will give us our worst. More bonds for important life-saving research sounds like a win to us.

Question 15

Yes. Our schools and public services need more money and more oversight. This means more people will need to get involved.

Question 15

Yes. Our schools and public services need more money and more oversight. This means more people will need to get involved.

Question 16

Yes. Diversity is important, and while we do not believe this is the best way to do government hiring - we recommend an anonymous approach to hiring where the managers do not know any of the candidates except for anonymized speech and text, we believe that this is a step in the right direction.

Question 17

Yes. It's important to remember that prisoners are people. If we really want them to be included in our society once they serve their term, we must give them full rights.

Question 18

Yes. Civic engagement is important, and a 17 year old has seen enough of the world to make an educated decision about how our democracy should operate.

Question 19

Yes. The way we read this proposition is that it is analogous to an IRS 1031 exchange for the primary residences of seniors, disabled, and wildfire victims. We believe that these people deserve the tax break so they can freely move.

Question 20

No. We need to work towards having less prisoners, not more. Instead of elevating the sentencing guidelines for certain crimes, the money would be much better spent on rehabilitation programs.

Question 21

Yes. Local governments should be able to establish rent control if the city decides so. There are a lot of factors involved, but this question allows for that discussion.

Question 22

No. Until all work is automated, we must ensure the work people have to do today comes with rights. The right to healthcare especially is something everyone should have (though Medicare for All would be preferred).

Question 23

No. State requirements for dialysis centers does not make sense until Medicare for All or some similar right to healthcare exists. Without it, we worry for some patients.

Question 24

No. For questions of privacy, we turn to the EFF and agree with their assessment.

Question 25

Yes. Cash bail is horrific. How much you have should not affect whether or not you're incarcerated until trial. America's justice system was founded on the principle, innocent until proven guilty, so let's honor that. While the discussed alternatives certainly have flaws, they will be better than today's debt bondage.

Measure V

Yes. It's reasonable to expect payment for utilites provided irrespective of whether or not an area is incorporated.

Measure W

Yes. Our government, emphasis on the word "our," can definitely do more for our community. The key here is "citizen oversight," which falls on us to ensure we are getting the bang for our buck.

Measure Y

Yes. Our schools need and deserve more. Not only is education a human right, a the best education we can offer the next generation education is.

Measure QQ

Yes. Students should have a say in who teaches them and we believe this measure would kickstart the next generation's civic engagement.

Measure RR

Yes. Our local government should not be capped when collecting from someone who was fined. Of course, we can do better in determining what is or is not fineable behavior.

Measure S1

Yes. This measure provides additional oversight to our police department. Ideally, everyone in our community would be involved in the oversight of our elected officials, but this like Question 16 above, is a step in the right direction.


Thanks for reading, and irrespective if you agree with us, the most important thing is to vote!

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