Privacy for the People

A primer on our business plan in building a consumer law firm for personal privacy and data rights.

Executive Summary

For a small monthly subscription, Neon Law attorneys and staff will protect your personal information by completing an ever-growing list of tasks on your behalf. These tasks include collecting your personal information, sending opt-out letters, name changes, criminal expungements, credit monitoring, and more.

Business Description

Neon Law is a law firm that is incorporated as a corporation in the state of Nevada. As a law firm, only lawyers or those who have graduated from an ABA accredited law school can own equity. Our monthly subscription model will begin as a website application available to a small beta at first to test the viability and scalabality of the business model.

Market Analysis

We are targeting the 18-50 year old demographic who are concerned about their privacy and data rights. This demographic are tech literate and are willing to pay a nominal fee. Companies like Delete Me, Lifelock, and Aura already charge a monthly fee of $10-$30 for similar services.

Organization and Management

We are currently a two-person team with both members working as equals.

Sales Strategies

We will revisit sales strategies after we have successfully onboarded our first 100 customers in private beta for at least six months.

Funding Requirements

As a law firm we cannot seek funding. We will be bootstrapping this business with our own funds. Our firm may do some adhoc consulting work to help fund the business.

Financial Projections

We will charge $39 and have a set amount of promotions so that the average monthly value of a customer is $20, then netting 500 customers would mean $10,000 in monthly revenue, which would give us the bandwidth and encouragement to go all in.