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We use Dropbox to receive, store, and deliver our client files and use their e-signature feature to get documents signed. We rely on Dropbox to provide a secure and reliable storage service and consider Dropbox the single-source-of-truth for Neon Law documents.

We have certain staff trained on Dropbox user, permissions, and data governance standards. You are encouraged to take the Dropbox for Business Admin course to learn more.

Top Level Folder

We store all matters within the top-level folder Matters .

Matter Folders

We perform four different types of matetrs at Neon Law: Debt Relief , Data Protection , Organization , and Pro Bono . Every matter will be contained within one of these four folders.

We then create a folder for every matter that is the unique identifier for the matter. YYYY-MM-DD - [Client Name] , for example: 2019-01-01 - John Doe where the timestamp is when the matter was created, and the client name is the name of the client.


The Retainer Agreement is stored within the matter folder. The Retainer Agreement is named Retainer.pdf and must be signed by both the DRI for Neon Law and the client. If the client is an organization, it must be signed by the DRI for the organization.

Client Files

The client files referred to the files the Client uploads into the /uploads folder within a matter folder. Only the client can upload files into the /uploads folder.

Product Files

Product files refer to files that Neon Law creates on behalf of the client. Product files are stored in the /work folder and are named with the type of creation date and the type of document. For example, a document created on 2023-04-01 for a demand letter would be named 2023-04-01 - Demand Letter.pdf . Only Neon Law can upload files to the /work folder and the client has read-only access to the /work folder.

Internal Files

Internal files refer to files that only Neon Law staff can access. Internal files are stored in the /internal folder.

Retention and Removal

If the client requests the removal of their files, we will remove the files from Dropbox in accordance to our privacy policy and the terms of your retainer.