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Blue Green Deployments

Since we have a narrowly defined architecture of just stateless Kubernetes deployments, GCP Pub/Sub, and GCP Cloud Functions we follow these blue/green deployment practices for zero-downtime deployments.

  1. Our stateless Kubernetes servers only have one version deployed per project. These services interact with the green version of our schema and serverless microservices.
  2. Our schemas and functions are deployed with both the green and blue schemas. These deployments are named with their version in Terraform so a versioned schema or function deploy can switch between green and blue with Terraform needing to destroy and recreate the deployment.
  3. When publishing a new schema, we first deploy it as the blue version. Then after the schema and functions have successfully deployed, we then take that same hash map and turn it into the green version, and take the current green version and make it the blue version. The blue version is reserved for rollbacks if needed, and will cease to exist when creating the next versioned blue deployment for release.

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