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Basic Functionality

Neon Law software is designed for handling law firm matters. A matter is anything in which you want to hire an attorney for. At Neon Law, these matters are either Delete Your Debt , Delete Your Data , Delete Your Paper , Organize Your Organization , or Pro Bono . These matters involve user profiles, conversations, and file storage.


Neon Law is a Django application with four types of users.


An admin has access to the Django admin panel and can administrate the website. An admin must both be a lawyer and authorized to act on behalf of Neon Law.


A lawyer is an affiliate attorney of Neon Law that gives advice to clients through the Neon Law Portal. They are able to see all of the matters in which they are the responsible_attorney or the originating_attorney .

If they are the responsible attorney, they have write access to their own matters. If they are the originating attorney, they only have read access to the matters in which they referred.


A staff is a non-lawyer authorized to answer questions on behalf of the law firm. They have read access to all matters in which one of their managers is a lawyer that is the responsible_attorney . They can edit the matter on behalf of the attorney and can respond to messages about the matter.


A client is a person or organization that has a matter with Neon Law. They can see all of their matters, edit certain fields, and start new conversation threads about the matter.

Matter Conversations

A client can converse with staff or a the responsible attorney on a matter via conversations. These conversations are managed by Twilio Flex and allow a client to converse with our law firm by phone call, text message, email, or in-app chat.

This means that our application leverages Twilio Flex heavily for client-firm communication. We embed conversations in our Django application and use Twilio's web-hook system to ingest the remaining conversation data.

File Storage and Dropbox

In addition to Twilio Flex, we rely on Dropbox for client matters. Every matter has its own folder. This is discussed in our Dropbox article .


We deploy the application on Fly and use their in-house Object Storage, Postgres, and Redis solutions. We also use Cloudflare for DNS.